Don’t settle.

I consider myself a free spirit. I love to get lost and be immersed by the unknown.  I’m not one of those people fortunate enough to have everything right at my finger tip,  I wasn’t blessed with that lifestyle. I have to work for everything I do to get to where I want to go in the end. I am my father’s daughter after all. I think some people settle for mediocre because it’s safe and they can get by with it. I don’t. I’m not the type to be miserable in a 9-5 job because it helps me sleep better at night.

Never deter from opportunity just because it’s not what you want, do it for now.

Sometimes, we feel entitled because we have a degree and we feel we deserve more recognition for our efforts when we both know we haven’t even proved ourselves worthy knowing we for sure as hell haven’t been alive long enough to experience how to run our jobs with our eyes closed. Sure, you have a sick GPA and you’re great at reciting Tolstoy to make you seem smart, but none of that matters in the workforce. Being able to stay humble, being passionate, and building relationships on the other hand will matter. After all, education is just an added bonus, the icing on the cake.

It all boils down to, what you want to do vs what is expected of you.


There’s always those traditional fields that people go for, not that it’s bad…it’s traditional. You know doctor or a law enforcer…you get it. For a very long time I felt stuck because I didn’t want any of these jobs.

What I suck at:

  • I was never good, nor passionate about science or math (there goes most of the occupations above mentioned)
  • I hate seeing blood or anything gory (unless I knew for sure it was all fake and part of Grey’s Anatomy, Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead)

What I’m good at:

  • I am a creative and I love to think of different ways we can see our world through writing and music and to help others understand or be understood.
  • visual arts-I am passionate about film, illustration, and fashion
  • collaboration- I enjoy working and building friendships with like minded individuals

I have always been artsy compared to some of my cousins and friends who are in law or medicine. I admire my peers for being so good and passionate for something that I found difficult to grasp, but unlike them art was my calling.  I was the odd one out and it was always deemed sort of unrealistic. I had to deal with constant nagging and reminding that what I was looking for seemed far fetched and that I had to look for functionality and comfort aka arduous and mundane tasks of things I found no interest in because it pays the bills. Equivalent to, attempting to bring 100% to a job I feel 50% sure in.

Not everyone gets to say “I love what I do and it pays well.” Money and passion are two different entities, but are connected. Without love or passion, money is just money, but turning your hobby into a career makes you money, but it isn’t everything. Figure out what your end game is. Is it money or is it happiness? Stop focusing on convenience, on now and focus on your long-term plans in life.

You can’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

It takes building credibility through relationships, hard work, determination, passion, and faith to put you on the map.


All I have to say is follow your passions/chase your dreams. I haven’t stopped chasing, I’m still getting there. I’m never fully satisfied if I’m not advancing/progressing. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s settling for mediocrity. I find sometimes it’s easy to settle for things because it’s convenient or safe and you think you have it all, but don’t you want more? If you don’t, sure. But I want more out of life. I’m nearing a quarter of a century and at this day and age, you have to chase your dreams, you can’t sit on it and watch your life pass by.

I like out of the box thinkers and I’m inspired by those in non-traditional fields. The innovators. It’s funny because once you have the mind of a creative, there are people that contradict it “you can’t sustain yourself on unrealistic career paths,” don’t let that discourage you. Those who say this are too afraid to push the limits, they’re afraid to make an indent in the world. It’s not that you aren’t realistic, it’s that they can’t see it happening based on their circumstances and you can. Believe in your potential. 

Here’s what Elizabeth Gilbert has to say, after all she is the reason I made this blog post:

Your Elusive Creative Genius

Don’t let anything or anyone discourage you. 🙂

Love yours,