Selling Press on Nails (part 1)

So you want to start selling press on nail, but don’t know where to start. Right off the bat, nails like many craft hobbies can be expensive. However, budgeting is key. It’s easy to spend on cute things, but resist the temptation as it can be costly especially in the beginning. Here is what you will need:

  1. UV Lamp (I’ve used many lamps, anything 72 watts or higher is better). You can find them on Amazon. Here is the one I particularly use: Terresa UV LAMP . It’s perfect as it has 3 settings 30 seconds, 60 seconds, and 120 seconds and cures the nails evenly. I love that the top of the lamp is higher so it allows more room for higher nail stands.
  2. Bundle Gel Polish sets. Find one with primary colours (red, blue, yellow and a black and white). This bundle from Born Pretty is really good. I love that the set is vivid and had no problems with it when using it for my custom sets – Born Pretty Gel polish. Having a wide range of basic colours gives you flexibility for mixing and matching.
  3. Makarrt Full Cover tips are sturdy and you can find them on Amazon. Here are the ones I use: Makarrt 500 Pcs Clear Full Cover Coffin Nails. They are good and affordable. I say find one that works for you, I’ve wen through various brands and this sticks out to me.
  4. Bulk Mani Kits – you can choose to sell your sets with nail kits or sell them seperately. Here is one you can find on amazon there are 300 pcs in it – ForPro Basics 3-Piece Mani Kit. All in one kits are perfect so you don’t run short on one or the other.
  5. Adhesive Stickers (optional) – I have them in each of my prep kits as a daywear options.
  6. Nail Glue- I use KDS glue for myself and my clients. I love this brand and I think it works for me personally lasting for at least a week and a half and I am rough with my hands. KDS GLUE.
  7. Chrome Bags for your nails. I used these when I started selling nails. They work well. I used the 10 x 15 cm size zip bags. Here is the exact one I use: Mylar Zip Lock Bags.
  8. Cardstock – you can print out your instructions, postcards, business cards, and use it to display your sets. The list is endless with cardstock and it’s affordable. — Cardstock.
  9. Nano Double sided tape- I use this for the nails to stick on in packaging. As seen in the pictures above. Here is the exact one I use and it keeps the nails in place even in during shipping: Nano Tape.
  10. Mailers- You can get them in any colour you want. I use these hot pink ones: Poly Bubble Mailers. I only use bubble mailers as they give extra protection for my nails so they don’t get crushed in transit especially if you use the chrome bag option when selling your sets.
  11. Measuring tape – always need measuring tape, whether you are measuring the nails of nail tips or demonstrating how to measure the nails for your clients to see. Here is my sizing chart:

12. Thermal Labeler or a regular ink jet/laser printer to print out your order labels. Here is my shipping label maker, it is linked to my Etsy shop: Funglam Shipping Label Maker and here is the label paper I use: 4 x 6 label paper.

You can also use your printer to print out labels. I recommend you create a business account if you use Canada Post, they offer discounts for business owners…as shipping can be costly. You can also use Pirateship if your in the US and many other similar websites. I suggest researching which is most cost effective to you.

13. Digital Scale is perfect for getting an accurate weight of your package. Here is what I use: Table Shipping Scale. The worst thing is to inaccurately weighing your package and it costing the receiver.

I will get into details on the business aspect of it in another post. Also I have a few nail art and nail tip posts sometime this week. Thank you for checking out my blog. I plan to post Mondays and Wednesdays so be sure to like and follow this post if you like this type of blog.


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